11 Tips for Securing Our Water

  1.  Don’t bathe, shower.
  2. Fill the sink, don’t run the tap.
  3. If it’s yellow let it mellow. Even low-volume toilets use huge amounts of water.
  4. Don’t rinse dishes: dishwashers can handle them  using much less water.
  5. Water lawn and garden judiciously, leave hardier plants to wait out dry spells.
  6. Collect downspout rainwater in drums for watering. Use downspout extensions to divert water away from sewers.
  7. Avoid pesticides; use salt sparingly, if at all. Substances used on the landscape end up in watercourses.
  8. Use a refillable water bottle.
  9. Protect our lakes and rivers. Privy runoff, aquatic engines and swimmers’ soap or sunscreen all degrade Nature. So does runoff from decks and docks with toxic finishes. No toxins should be flushed; all are recyclable in local facilities.
  10. Make your diet ‘water-aware’. Increase meat-free meals. The global average water footprint of beef is 15400 litre/kg. (foodtank.com)
  11. Get politically active. Invest conscientiously. Join eco-conscious groups, lobby government .