Book Review: The Climate Action Handbook

December 20, 2023 greenzine 0

A Visual Guide To 100 Climate Solutions For Everyone Author: Dr. Heidi Roop, PhD Reviewer: Sharon Hill High on my list of Christmas gifts to friends and family this year is The Climate Action Handbook, authored by Dr. Heidi Roop, PhD.  It is a comprehensive, up-to-date (published in 2023) and […]

HIPPO Ponders

December 18, 2023 greenzine 0

Translated from the HIPPO by PATRICA REMY Don’t dare dismiss me as a dumb animal or just another pretty face. I have something to say to you humans. I’m not just a hippo. I’m HIPPO. COP28 is the latest human endeavour in self-deception. This time ’round they called it “The […]

Under The Shadow Of The Saw: The Value Of The Catchacoma Forest

December 13, 2023 greenzine 1

PETER CURRIER – Greenzine‘s mission – to localize the climate crisis – is unavoidably interwoven with public procedures and policy. Vested interest, the profit motive, pork-barreling, and the obsession with “growth” are all at odds with our foundational values of social equity, sustainability, resilience, local initiative and a democratic sense […]

Hew and Cry

December 9, 2023 greenzine 0

PETER CURRIER PART 1. The Forest As a youthful 20-something, before he died in Peterborough’s Anson House, my grandfather took pike pole in hand and busted up log jams on the Ottawa River. Then, Canada was a country of boundless forests, a source of infinite timber. It is unlikely that […]