A Video Session with Drew Monkman

Impacts of Climate Change On Nature In The Kawarthas

EDITORIAL COLLECTIVE – For local folk with a question about anything about Nature, Drew Monkman has become the “go-to guy” in the Peterborough and Kawartha area. You’ll appreciate the local references, for instance to the Bridgenorth Pharmacy, and to the weather we count on so much for tourism and farming/gardening in the area.

Recently, Drew made this presentation to the Peterborough Field Naturalists

He talks about the loss of birds, the earlier and earlier break-up of ice on our Kawartha lakes, among other concerning aspects of the changing climate, even the disappearance of moose and white-tailed deer. He unflinchingly addresses “climate grief” and loss of our identity found in a “sense of place.” Drew offers the many actions we can take to deal with our changing locale – including voting!

The Greenzine brings the video to your attention as it fits perfectly into our aim to understand what’s happening locally – here in our beautiful landscape, where we live, work and play – in order to really feel the love we have for it and be moved to act in any way we can to protect and preserve the land that sustains us, and to adapt to and mitigate the unstoppable changes we are in.

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