Gamiing Nature Centre

July 18, 2024 greenzine 0

JO HAYWARD-HAINES – In these times of multiple cascading catastrophes on all fronts, recourse in the natural world is a first step towards resilience and healing. As a teacher, this awareness was always central to classroom discoveries for me that came from my students and through the classroom windows. I’ve […]

Local Media Are Important To Surviving The Climate Crisis

June 24, 2024 greenzine 0

EDITORIAL COLLECTIVE – Every day a slow-moving freight train passes through my neighbourhood. Inbound, its three diesel engines are surprisingly quiet. Its fifteen or so hopper cars are empty. The train clatters slowly through a corridor of trees about five houses away from my home. Sometimes I hardly pay attention […]

Within Our Children’s Lifetime

June 14, 2024 greenzine 0

EDITORIAL COLLECTIVE − The place where we see and feel climate change is right here, in our own homes and local community. What the whole Earth is experiencing now will continue and worsen for a very long time. As hard as it is to say, this is our children’s future. […]

Scorched Earth: The Onerous Weight of Awareness

May 30, 2024 greenzine 1

PETER CURRIER – I’ve been lucky. I was born in a peaceful and rich country. I and my mother survived my birth, just as my kids and their mother survived theirs. I was breast-fed, diapered, safely cradled. The vestiges of Victorian parenting noted, I was well loved. I didn’t catch […]

Getting Around: Mobility For Everyone On Safe Streets

May 14, 2024 greenzine 0

CHERYL LYON – “Roll a kilometre in my chair” or “walk a mile with my cane” replaced the old familiar “walk a mile in my shoes” recently. It happened at the recent Peterborough Bicycle Advisory Committee’s “summit” on cycling in the city entitled “Safe Streets for Everyone.” On day one […]

Farms At Work; Work At Farms

May 10, 2024 greenzine 0

Farms at Work has taken on the challenge. Reflections on a Conversation with Kelly Carmichael from Farms at Work PATRICIA REMY – Grocery prices are up. Covid exposed the gaps in our food supply chain. Citizens are becoming increasingly conscious of the nutritional value of the food they eat. Climate […]

Coming to Terms with a Wicked Climate

May 9, 2024 greenzine 0

Review: Learning to Die in the Anthropocene Author: Roy Scranton Reviewer: TOM HURLEY Roy Scranton on The Great Anthropocene Dying If, as he says, “Learning to die takes practice,” American author Roy Scranton has failed Training Day many times. As a soldier, he survived roadside bombs and snipers in Baghdad […]

Transportation Design Is Vital Climate Action

May 1, 2024 greenzine 1

The Community “Summit” On Urban Cycling, 24 – 25 April, 2024 EDITORIAL COLLECTIVE − Peterborough Bicycle Advisory Committee (P-BAC) convened a local summit to advocate for and encourage cycling as a legitimate, desirable and increasingly necessary constituent of urban living. (The term “summit” dropped into common usage at the 1955 […]

Climate Report Card Calls for More Action

April 24, 2024 greenzine 0

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Greenzine is providing this reprint to assist readers with background in advance of our upcoming coverage of the City of Peterborough’s updated Climate Change Action Plan  MARK BULLOCK – Peterborough City Council has been overly cautious in its response to the climate change threat, and passive in […]

Balancing Grief And Joy In Turbulent Times

April 15, 2024 greenzine 0

A Crisis Line Responder’s Experience BETH MCKINLAY – Attention is being brought to the climate crisis like never before. Such things as the “cancelled” winter of 2024, the smoke-filled skies of last summer have sharpened our awareness of it. The recent precedent-setting decision by the European Court of Human Rights […]