Earth Day Glow Ride

One of the most fun things you can do on two wheels

Coming to a Neighbourhood Near You the evening of Friday, April 22

MIRIAM (STUCKY) LIBA – The role of the artist / activist / leader is to make revolution irresistible.1 And to me, B!KE’s community Glow Rides (and art, T-shirts, culture and community) are just this kind of attractive, deep FUN.

At the last (Solstice) Glow Ride, I got to dress up in my glow-in-dark vest, don my bike with strings of green and orange led lights borrowed from B!KE, and we were off! The feeling of riding around familiar streets in this new way – accompanied by other folks interested in cycling and a safe, all-ages good time was… Heaven. And how sustainable! It helped me think more about other ways I could safely ride at night. I’m here to pay it forward and INVITE YOU to Come Check It Out!
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Sparked by the underlying passion for culture shift toward active transportation, the awesome folks at B!KE: the Peterborough Community Bike Shop work at a very practical level to make cycling happen for more people. Slowly but surely, B!KE and others are shifting how and we can cycle rather than burn gas – winter bike, cargo bike, pannier programs, better bike infrastructure, etc.

This is of course a win for the climate – more people moving on their own steam / less fossil fuel emissions, and ultimately, a shift in development patterns as people embody the joy of walking, cycling and other forms of more sustainable transportation, is good for us all.

Come join the fun!

In the spirit of learning, developing skills and safely exploring new places, B!KE invites you to:

  • Come check out the Ride! See map for the route and APPROXIMATE times / good spots to see the spectacle. COSTUMES, NOISE-MAKERS and other positive, fun participation welcome!
  • Join the ride! Meet at 7:45 pm at the Alley behind B!KE, 293 George St N., Peterborough, or join us along the route.
  • For more about B!KE, including workshop hours, info on future rides, and how to become a member, see You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or email: to learn more.

What is a glow ride? – Things to know

A Glow Ride is a night-time group bike ride with illuminated bikes! It’s a chance to dress up if you want, and join with others in the practice and skill of riding in a group, gain comfort in safely riding at night, and explore new places together.

  • By law, a front white light and red tail light are required
  • Helmets are strongly encouraged
  • B!KE will designate a ride leader who leads the route–typically people who pass the ride leader get lost!
  • Rides are held at ‘party pace’ (relaxed speed / 10-12km/hr) and there is often music!
  • This ride is two fairly decent sized loops. You can do one – or both!
  • This ride may not be suitable for children under age 12 or tire sizes smaller than 24″; please contact to discuss bringing your family
  • Since we want to group to stay together for maximum impact, the ride will pause every couple of kilometers to re-group.
Main/south loop first then for the deep dark riders a second/north loop starting a bit after 9pm near the marina.

About decorating your bike:

  • LED lights come in many shapes, sizes, and power options. If you are looking to purchase strings of battery-powered lights in Peterborough we have had success at Home Hardware, Michael’s, and dollar stores.The internet has a wide array of options available, too.
  • We do not recommend using glow sticks as they are not bright enough to be impactful and create lots of waste
  • As supply and shop time allows, you can borrow lights from B!KE. Schedule an Open Shop appointment and decorate your bike in advance!
The alley behind B!KE

1Adapted from the brilliant Toni Cade Bambara: “The role of the artist is to make revolution irresistible.”