Enough Already


Our local economy, our local watershed, is our household.
In our household there are some with more than enough.
In our household there are some with less than enough.

In a consumer culture we can forget how to depend on one another.

How might we re-imagine our common good?
How might we, with more than enough,

How might we, with less than enough,
plant the seeds of relationships to grow a community;
an economy, a watershed where
every one of us enjoys opportunities to share…

with the dignity of a guaranteed livable income.

In a household where we share in the abundance
of healthy food, of clean water, of homes for all
of meaningful work.

Where we walk together through times of scarcity.

Where my security depends on our security.
Where a common good invites the sacrifices of
a common purpose.

May we walk together into the calling
of all our relations
where good news for all our kin,
human-kind and all other-kinds
means having enough to simply live.

May those of us who have more than enough,

be inspired to live more simply
so that all our kin may simply live.

Republished by permission of the author from author’s blog at https://bedfordhouse.ca/category/poetry/

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