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EDITORIAL COLLECTIVE − When you clicked on the Greenzine this time, you see a slightly different look to presenting our content. We trust our new categories will be helpful.

There are now seven subject categories across the’ black banner’: Energy, Environment, Economy, Equity, Community, Spirituality and Opinion to help readers’ interests and choices. Certainly, there will be overlaps among them since everything’s connected to everything else in the great complexity of the global climate crisis.

The Greenzine will remain faithful to localization of climate crisis adaptation and mitigation action. Locally is where we experience climate impacts and live out the adaptations and mitigations as a community of communities − rural, urban and First Nations − on the land of this region.

The OPINION section will feature editorials and commentary by the Greenzine Co-Editors and by you, our readers who wish to express their opinions, address recent events and issues, or alternative analysis to something you have read on our site.

In any great transition time in history, it has always served us humans well to hold realistic faith in the power of visions of the future, reflection on where we’ve been and want to go (or not go), caring for one another and the proven human amazing capacity for adaptation. These involve to a great extent the non-material, “spiritual” components of being human; hence our new category “SPIRITUALITY.”

You may find a new tone of urgency to our content. This is due to the increasingly dire warnings about how little time is left to avoid the 1.5⁰C increase in average Earth temperature and avoid or mitigate the catastrophic shocks of the rapidly warming climate.

More and more, there is serious study and speculation in both scientific and other literature about our future. The Greenzine will also be “futuring” in order to bring the gifts of imagination to bear on what life could look like, the ‘what ifs’ that can warn and inspire action.

The Greenzine is no better at predicting the future than any other body. Even the finest science talks about uncertainties, unknown tipping points and unforeseen consequences of what we have done to create the climate crisis.

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We’re still new at being online after so many years as a traditional, paper, free magazine. With your help as an online reader, contributor and telling others about us, we aim to reach the 5000 readers we published for in our print runs. You can help by sharing our link with others.

We enthusiastically invite readers to submit articles and images on local themes and issues.

See our Submission Guidelines to learn how. In future, we may add a link to the website for your comments, if we technically can. We’re a work in progress, like the planet.

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