Kawartha Loon Recall

Recall Notice Exchange For Canadian Dollars

Final Day October 13, 2023 at Peterborough Community Savings (Alterna) 167 Brock St.  Downtown Peterborough No service Fee

The Kawartha Loon was introduced in 2013 in five denominations including the 1KL as shown plus a 2.50KL ,5KL,10KL and 20KL as a legal complementary currency to the Canadian dollar designed to increase economic localization.

Pre Covid 19 it was accepted by over 200 locally owned business and farmers selling their locally grown food into the local market. The use of all print currencies has substantially declined during and post Covid leading to this recall.

  • The exchange for Canadian Dollars remains at .90 or 90 cents Cdn per 1 Kawartha Loon
  • There is no service charge for the transaction.
  • Exchange is conducted by Peterborough Community Savings, 167 Brock St, Peterborough             

The Kawartha Loon Complementary Currency remains the property of Transition Town Peterborough Inc. and is governed by the Board of Governors of the Kawartha Loon Exchange reporting to the Transition Town Peterborough Inc Board of Directors.

Transition Town Peterborough Inc., 171A Rink St. Suite 166, Peterborough ON, K9J 2J6    

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