Coming to Terms with a Wicked Climate

May 9, 2024 greenzine 0

Review: Learning to Die in the Anthropocene Author: Roy Scranton Reviewer: TOM HURLEY Roy Scranton on The Great Anthropocene Dying If, as he says, “Learning to die takes practice,” American author Roy Scranton has failed Training Day many times. As a soldier, he survived roadside bombs and snipers in Baghdad […]

Book Review Essay: Blowout

April 15, 2024 greenzine 0

If You Read Only One Book This Spring, Make It This One! Author: Rachel Maddow Reviewer/Essayist: PATRICIA REMY “The oil and gas industry has been remaking the world in its favored image for generations. And it’s not finished with us yet. Climate disaster has put a spotlight on the need […]

Timely Titles

February 10, 2024 greenzine 0

on Climate and the Environment Suggested by TAKE COVER BOOKS Fiction Greenwood by Michael Christie Greenwood is a sprawling generational saga that charts a family’s rise and fall, its secrets and inherited crimes, and the conflicted relationship with the source of its fortune: trees. Told in four timelines — 2038, […]

The Swamping News

February 1, 2024 greenzine 0

Annie Proulx on the Climate Crisis “Water is the original shape-shifter” Reviewed by TOM HURLEY In her mid-80’s, Pulitzer Prize−winning novelist Annie Proulx pulled on her rubber boots, sloshed through wetland muck and ooze for two years, and brought back a work of non-fiction as dense and rich as the […]

Book Review: The Climate Action Handbook

December 20, 2023 greenzine 0

A Visual Guide To 100 Climate Solutions For Everyone Author: Dr. Heidi Roop, PhD Reviewer: SHARON HILL High on my list of Christmas gifts to friends and family this year is The Climate Action Handbook, authored by Dr. Heidi Roop, PhD.  It is a comprehensive, up-to-date (published in 2023) and […]

Crickets Have Ears On Their Knees

November 27, 2023 greenzine 1

Book Review: “An Immense World: How Animal Senses Reveal the Hidden Realms Around Us” Author: Ed Yong Reviewer: MARILYN FREEMAN In Jewish teaching there is a concept of Tikkun Olam. It means “to heal the world.” But how do humans go about doing this when we understand so little of […]

Book Review: Fire Weather

September 23, 2023 greenzine 0

The Making of a Beast Author: John Valliant Reviewer: MARILYN FREEMAN Forest fires are common in Canada. But what causes an ordinary forest fire to become a fire beast, a monster, a Balrog (fire monster in Lord of the Rings) which defies ‘normal’ behaviour? Fire Weather, The Making of A […]

Book Review: Ministry for the Future

February 22, 2023 greenzine 2

Author: Kim Stanley Robinson Reviewer: MARILYN FREEMAN It’s rare that speculative fiction gets a review in a magazine aimed at practically-minded Transitioners, but the novel covers many bases of interest to those who recognize that the Anthropocene has changed climatic systems to the point of trophic catastrophe. This compelling story […]


April 4, 2019 greenzine 0

The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming Editor: Paul Hawken This is the Greenzine‘s featured book for the second quarter of 2019. It’s amazing and encouraging that it made its way onto the New York Times bestseller listIt is an exhaustive and inspiring compendium of strategies and […]