Climate Report Card Calls for More Action

April 24, 2024 greenzine 0

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Greenzine is providing this reprint to assist readers with background in advance of our upcoming coverage of the City of Peterborough’s updated Climate Change Action Plan  MARK BULLOCK – Peterborough City Council has been overly cautious in its response to the climate change threat, and passive in […]

Solarpunk − Radical Hope

June 23, 2023 greenzine 0

“I am not suggesting that we ought to ignore yesterday’s news. Rather, I am demanding that we start talking creatively, yet seriously, about today and tomorrow. We want to have a choice other than denial or depression. We want to channel our outrage and our dread and our exhaustion.” Alexandria […]

Climate Change to 2500

June 17, 2023 greenzine 0

A Deeper Dive into the Future Our climate projections for 2500 show an Earth that is alien to humans Christopher Lyon, McGill University; Alex Dunhill, University of Leeds; Andrew P. Beckerman, University of Sheffield; Ariane Burke, Université de Montréal; Bethany Allen, University of Leeds; Chris Smith, University of Leeds; Daniel J. […]