Coming to Terms with a Wicked Climate

May 9, 2024 greenzine 0

Review: Learning to Die in the Anthropocene Author: Roy Scranton Reviewer: TOM HURLEY Roy Scranton on The Great Anthropocene Dying If, as he says, “Learning to die takes practice,” American author Roy Scranton has failed Training Day many times. As a soldier, he survived roadside bombs and snipers in Baghdad […]

Word-Nerdery: Terminology for Our Time #2

February 8, 2024 greenzine 3

TOM HURLEY Cryosphere The cryosphere (from Greek “krios”, meaning “cold”) refers to those parts of the Earth’s surface where water is in solid form. These areas include ice (river, lake, and sea), snow cover, frozen ground, glaciers, ice sheets and ice caps. (for unfrozen water, see also the related term […]

The Swamping News

February 1, 2024 greenzine 0

Annie Proulx on the Climate Crisis “Water is the original shape-shifter” Reviewed by TOM HURLEY In her mid-80’s, Pulitzer Prize−winning novelist Annie Proulx pulled on her rubber boots, sloshed through wetland muck and ooze for two years, and brought back a work of non-fiction as dense and rich as the […]

Word-Nerdery: A Glossary for Our Times #1

November 23, 2023 greenzine 1

TOM HURLEY Hyperobject A thing too big or complex for the human mind to grasp in its totality. Coined in 2008 by Timothy Morton, the term has been used to refer to phenomena as diverse as massive oil spills, capitalism, and – especially, the climate crisis. “Taken together, the feedback […]