The Green “Red Line”

EDITORIAL COLLECTIVE – Good old Greenpeace! Still hanging in there with the unpopular positions. While the Green Parties of Europe have all gone nuke and affirmed nuclear energy as carbon-free, Greenpeace doggedly reminds the world of some inconvenient truths. Resorting to nuclear power is the red line in the sand which the environmental movement should not have crossed.

There has been a veritable nuke revival during the past five years. It has intensified as Europe loses its access to Russian natural gas. Japan, too, has joined the greenwashed nuke club. Several countries are refurbishing old reactors and are developing plans for additional ones. Even Africa has jumped onto the nuke bus, with the action “Africa4Nuclear”. China is planning, among others, a floating nuke.

There are already 438 nuclear reactors worldwide.

Nearer to home, the Darlington plant will build Small Modular Reactors (SMR).

Greenpeace has spoken out reminding us of what the Greenzine has been saying since shortly before and now after the publishing break because of Covid. See the articles Dismantling A Nuclear Reactor and Nukes Are Not the Answer in our archives. Not to mention The Fusion Flap.

Really, nukes are the first and last worst way to toxify the environment worldwide for millennia. Lead us not into temptation! And thanks, Greenpeace. It is reassuring to have an old, trusted friend at our side.

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